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Why to join Us



We take care of giving the best treatment to models with incentives, motivational talks, training offering each of them professionalism and personal growth.

We keep our facilities in constant maintenance so that the models can transmit in perfect conditions and thus obtain better income.



We want to be the best study in the West, generating the personal and professional development of our models.



We advise you on:

  • The formalization of your company and paperwork.
  • Renting the space.
  • Technical advice on purchases of equipment such as cameras, routers, and wiring.
  • Advice on the construction and decoration of the rooms and the work environment.

What is Webcamming?

 Webcam modeling is one of the most popular and profitable jobs today. Webcam models provide fantasy, voyeurism, and "girlfriend experiences" to paying customers from around the world. Unlike stripping and porn, you will NEVER meet or touch a customer. This is strictly online entertainment.

If you want to make a ton of money, but you are concerned about your privacy, you have come to the right place. We are one of the few studios who focuses on protecting your privacy, over profits. As a result of our unique approach, we have hundreds of happy models, that trust us to keep them and their information safe. 

About Us



Earnings depend on you, its attitude, perseverance, and determination. Our studio has Elite models, with revenues exceeding $5000 per month. 

Payments are made weekly or biweekly via cash app.



Work from home, where you can manage your schedules that are comfortable to your daily life; Our work gives you the tools you need to get started.



Minimum shifts of 8 hours a day are worked in a split shift on the days that the model prefers.


Rent Space Time from Us.

Suggested Additional Equipment and Gear For Your Cam Shows

Lingerie / Outfits – The more sexy outfits and lingerie you’ve got in your closet, the better. Even though you’ll probably be spending most of your time naked or half-naked, the ability to change up your looks helps your shows. Lube – Lube always comes in handy. 

Cosmetics – You’ll want to look your best for every show. Having all the makeup and cosmetic items will help you look your best on webcam. 

Props – If you’re planning on performing any shows that require props, you’ll need those items. For example; you can’t do a food fetish show without food or a baby oil show without baby oil. 

Wireless Keyboard / Mouse – Having a wireless keyboard and mouse will help you type and work your computer without the awkward wires. This is useful if you show requires that you’re not constantly sitting right in front of the computer. 


We have prepared space, we have a spacious room decorated and illuminated with digital equipment so that our models have a good experience in their transmission and also our customers have a good visual experience.  for a small fee

fantasy maids

Not Sold On Webcam Modeling

Intahmynt Cam Girl Agents

 We realize that webcam modeling is not for everyone, so if you're one of those people no worries. You can be a Model Agent. or a Fantasy Maid.  We are always looking for Agents and Maids to recruit. this is another way to earn cash for every model and or gig you refer to ICG Studio.

Fantasy Maids & More

There is so much to do in the Adult Entertainment Industry please check out what else you can do to make your Holidays Great

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